Vikings 2019 Season 6 Episode 1

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WATCH Vikings Season 6 Episode 1 „New Beginnings“ Online Free HD. Series 6 – Vikings Action & Adventure, Drama, Episode „New Beginnings“ | 44 min | 00:44:26 | 2019-12-04 | | Total Episodes .

Original Title : Vikings Season 6 Episode 1 — New Beginnings
Genre : Action & Adventure, Drama
Air Date : 2019-12-04
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Overview : It’s six months after the battle of Kattegat and Bjorn is now King. As he struggles with the responsibilities of kingship, he finds he cant rely on his mother. Ivar falls into the hands of the Kievan Rus, and in their ruthless and unpredictable ruler, Prince Oleg, he may finally have met his match.

What happened in this episode?I have a summary for you.

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